Welcome to East Morgan County Hospital District

The East Morgan County Hospital is a Colorado Special District, a Quasi-Municipal Corporation bound by the Rules and Regulations of The State of Colorado. The Board of Directors, elected by the voters of the special district, provide oversight, strategic direction and have fiduciary responsibility for East Morgan County Hospital.

Regularly scheduled meetings are scheduled for the second Tuesday of the month, at 6:00 pm. The agenda and Board Meeting Schedule are posted for public inspection at the post office, library, The Brandenburg Law Offices (304 Clayton Street, Brush, CO) and East Morgan County Hospital. The public is welcome to attend all meetings and provide input.

District Board meeting is regularly scheduled for the 2nd Tuesday of the month, 6 pm, in the Main Conference room at East Morgan County Hospital.

East Morgan County Hospital District Board Members

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Kirk Lowry

District Board President

Lana Stutzman

District Board
Vice President

Suzanna Spears

District Board Treasurer

Jan Brandenburg

District Board Secretary

Deb Johnson

District Board Member

Department of Local Affairs